Exploring a UNESCO World Heritage region

Walking down the Seestra├če, the single road along the lake.

Looking up.

Lakeside Lovely.


Looking back.

This house isn’t going anywhere, and hasn’t for likely a hundred years or more.

Parking lot.

When there’s no much room between the lake and mountain, you build up.

A home.

The town hall.

The town Marktplatz.

This is where the ladies go to purchase a dirndl.

Beautiful home and shops fronting the square.

Large planters scattered throughout the marktplatz.

See what we mean?

What’s the carved masonry on the face of that building? We see an edelweiss on it.

The tower of the parish church peeking over the rooftops, which is the Evangelischen Pfarrgemeinde (Evangelical/Protestant Church).

What good are cars when bikes will do?



Hiking around on a side street.

Who knows what you will see? Maybe another mountain stream that agreed to follow another canal to the lake?

Painted buildings, because it’s good to have nice things.

Climbing up through the town toward the Katholische Pfarre (Roman Catholic Church).


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