Church Service on Sunday morning in Hallstatt

Looking toward to the Katholische Pfarre (Roman Catholic Church) and Evangelischen Pfarrgemeinde (Evangelical/Protestant Church).

Apartments with a view.

I just walked by and wondered… and smiled.


You can always climb higher, but this looked like private property, and church was going to start soon.

Using my dad’s zoom lens to see the time on the clock… up close!

Almost time for church.

Someone cared enough to place flowers on a stone railing. Just because it looks nice.

Can we see that iconic tower again? Here you go.

Pastor Kirsch, wearing a type of traditional Lutheran vestments which, unlike what you see in the States, include preaching bands instead of the more commonly-seen clerical collar.

The organ pipes.

Pulpit, paraments, and hymnboard.

Altar and the reredos behind it.

These blessed pews have been used for a long time. We even saw names on them, but maybe they were bequested to the parish or at one point really were family pews.


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